Sabine Spare

I am Sabine Spare and I am the founder of Spare Label. After getting a degree in Material Art & Design and subsequently working in the costume industry for a few years, I reached a point where I needed to branch off and start something that was all my own. I have always loved textiles and knew that I wanted to have a line of clothing and accessories that focused on the textile itself. When I first experienced the magic surface design technique that is Fabric Marbling, I was hooked and knew it would be integral to my first collection. 

The most difficult thing about starting Spare Label is the vulnerability required. Working hard, being creative, having self-discipline, making tough choices: all of these things come naturally to me. But opening up about my process and my life to a growing audience isn’t always easy. In today’s age of Instagram, people love to know there is a real, living, breathing, feeling, person, behind the glossy images. I fully support the movement to bring focus back to the makers in fashion, and I believe that the age of dehumanised fast-fashion is over. We are evolving into a new phase that is more democratic, more ethical and perhaps, slower. We want to know who made the things we surround ourselves with and what their motivation was for doing so. So I am learning how to let people in and how to share this process of starting something bigger than myself, and all the other personal life stuff that comes along with it. 

My first collection, 'Igneous & Id' was composed of hand-marbled bags, scarves and shirt-dresses. Everything was made either by myself in my Toronto studio, or by talented local craftspeople. The hard work paid off when I was featured in the August issue of British Vogue! I am so grateful for all the talented and supportive people I have met along this journey and I am looking forward to continuing to grow Spare Label, upholding the core values of collaboration and slow-fashion.

Instagram: spare_label


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